Thanks for stopping by. We are currently working on our first book, and after our trademarks and copyrights are filed with the appropriate big brothers, we will start tantalizing our audience with dark tales of the macabre; with stories of pain, initiation, and cold-blooded revenge.

Who are we?

The Wizard & The Wyrd, LLC, a small studio with big aspirations, was formed by long-time friends Ramon J. Long III and Jeremy Dolan. Jeremy is a sleeping titan waiting to unleash his illustrative talents upon a global audience, and Ramon is a writer with a gruesomely psychedelic and mystical story inspired by the underbelly power elite.

What is The Wizard?

The Wizard represents the primordial archetype of the cunning folk, of the wise man versed in the mysteries of cosmos (including its numerous heavens and hells). The Wizard is the master of Magick whereby, through his art and science, his Will is made to reverberate throughout the Universe is a wide variety of forces and forms.

What is The Wyrd?

Wyrd is a term for concepts roughly corresponding to those of fate or destiny but involving complex interactions of universal necessity and individual choice within a cosmos beyond any fixed notions or concepts of mortal minds.

Since the Autumn of 2002, Ramon has been brooding over creating an independent studio to publish the works of his extremely talented friends, cohorts, and accomplices. A lot has changed since then, and this vision to create a multi-media production studio - on our own terms - remains unchanging, and we have begun working on our first comic series; a six issue comic series that will be bound into a hard-cover graphic novel.