Benchmarking Python 3, Flask, and Heroku

More semantics... Recently, I have been picking up Python with renewed interest now that a lot of libraries I'm interested in have stable Python3 releases. Perhaps »

Benchmarking Go, Gin, and Heroku

Semantics, semantics... I'm not sure if it is conditioning, or aesthetics, but I enjoy C-style syntax, and I feel at home in languages that follow similar »

Full Flavor Press? Delicious.

I am proud to officially announce the creation of our publishing division, Full Flavor Press. Delicious. ;) FFP is now accepting manuscript submission for all types of »

Existing ERP Systems are Terrible

The great dilemma of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems is that, by the time an organization is ready and willing to invest in a top-tier ERP »

F#, C#, and dotPeek

As development continues on Arcana ERP, we see that in order to fulfill our design goals of high availability and distributed concurrency, portions of ArcanaErp.Core »

Flawfinder 1.31 & Ruby 2.2.x-master

Ruby is one of the most popular pogramming languages in production use for a variety of systems and applications; most notably, we see wide adoption in »

The Snow Would Thaw

Interest in Ariticial Intelligence leads one to the famed "AI Winter," and there were two majors seasons: from 1974 - 1980, and another "AI Winter" from »

Is passion always necessary?

Throughout my career, I have had the great fortune - at various times - of being mentored by self-made men and women. A casual reading of »


Thanks for stopping by. We are currently working on our first book, and after our trademarks and copyrights are filed with the appropriate big brothers, we »